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Jamaican Greens, Chef Neville Nugent, Unforgettable Flavours Inc.

01 January 2010no comments Foods


Do you know how to cook a mixture of collard and kale greens?  Most would say yes.  However let’s put a little Jamaican flavour to it.


Collard and Kale Greens (1-2 bunch )

Smoked Turkey (Optional)

Fresh garlic, scallop onions, white medallion onions and green bell pepper (1-2 cup each)

Vegetable stock (1 cup)

Vegetable oil (2 tbsp.), Powder (season all, garlic, onion and celery seeds) – 1 tsp. each

Wash and clean greens, finishing the rinse with hot water.  This will shrink the greens so that you will not have to stuff them in the pot, and the greens will not cook evenly.

Sauté the fresh garlic, scallop onions, white medallion onions and green bell pepper in vegetable oil, then simmer over low heat.  Add the vegetable stock, stir and continue to simmer for approximately 5 minutes.  Add powder seasons (season all, garlic, onion and celery seeds.)  Cook for another 5 minutes. Wash and cut the smoked turkey into small pieces and add to other ingredients.  Continue to cook for approximately 1 hour.

Hmmm…What a delicious dish that family and friends will crave for during their next visit.  They may even ask you to prepare the dish for their dining affair.

Should you or they rather have their event catered, please contact me,

Chef Neville, Unforgettable Flavours Inc. at  301-919-0827  or

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