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Personal Mission Statement, Marilyn Franklin

01 January 2010no comments Health

    How many would agree that life can be stressful and perplexing at times?  Well, there’s maybe a reason for this…not having clear purpose or direction in life.  With no focus, there’s also a tendency to wander or get distracted by people and circumstances.    Hence, to every problem there is a solution.  One recommendation is to develop a Personal Mission Statement (PMS) which should help govern your life.

What is PMS? It is a constitution by which you make all decisions for life.  Successful people design their future instead of letting people, circumstances, or tradition determine it.  The benefits of having a PMS is to: provide clarity to what matters most in life, keep focus with day-to-day guidance for decision-making, ensure a sense of meaning and purpose, and aid in shaping your destiny.

How do you write a PMS?  Start by defining the kind of person you are, (wife, mother, daughter, entrepreneur, teacher, friend, etc.) or you aspire to be.  When drafting the PMS, write for five minutes without stopping.  This will allow your intellect to connect with your thoughts and subconscious mind.  Don’t worry what the draft looks like.  Use quotes, poetry or other literature for language that inspires you or gives ideas when writing.  After completing the first draft, revise and refine what was written.

Note: PMS can be short or long; and in the form of poetry, art or even music.  The most important thing is to make it your own.

Samples of Mission Statements

I. Mission Statement:  Keep God first  • Never let good rob me of my best.

II. Mission Statement:

I will: Live my life on purpose by maintaining private devotions with God.  • Set goals with deadlines, and take action. • Inspire people to be the best they can be by encouraging them to operate in their purpose.  • Be slow to speak and quick to listen, and think before speaking.  • Prepare for the worst, expect the best, and look for an opportunity in every situation.  • Treat others like they want to be treated.  • Not fearing what man shall do to me. • Seeking to understand and then be understood. • Being quick to reconcile all misunderstandings. • Praying for your enemies and those who use you.

In closing, remember, a Personal Mission Statement can be a powerful tool in bringing clarity, focus, guidance, and a sense of meaning and purpose to your life.  A good source of reference for understanding the importance of a PMS is stated in Proverbs 3:21-24 – “My child, don’t lose sight of good planning and insight.  Hang on to them, for they fill you with life and bring you honor and respect. They keep you safe on your way and keep your feet from stumbling.  You can lie down without fear and enjoy pleasant dreams.”

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Reference:  “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, By Stephen Covey


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