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The Power of Choice

01 January 2010no comments Health

Sick and tired of being frustrated, bored or living life through others?  What about that burning passion for your vision, but not sure where to begin?  Do you often daydream about what you want to accomplish in life, but don’t have the nerve to share it with family or friends, much less ask for a helping hand?  Would you like to tap into your endless possibilities?  Are you ready for a change?

Great News!  You have “The Power of Choice” to choose the world you want to live in.  Here’s an opportunity…You are cordially invited to an event to discuss real issues and walk away with real solutions.  Begin 2010 with a solution on how you can develop your vision, live your purpose, and walk in greatness.

“The Power of Choice” in 2010.  Call (240) 339-3623… today.





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