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To Thrive Longer, Get Stronger

01 January 2010no comments Health

Which is more important for healthy aging:  exercises that work the heart and lungs, or muscle-pumping strength training?  Both are valuable, but many experts now say strength training may be the key to preventing disability as you age.  Declining muscle mass not only undermines your physical strength but also contributes to heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and other chronic illnesses by slowing the body’s metabolic rate, encouraging the accumulation of fat.

This decline in muscle mass begins surprisingly early, usually by age 40.  And between ages 50 and 70, muscle strength can drop by 15 percent per decade, even faster in later years.  Although this loss was previously considered an inevitable part of aging, strength training can halt much of the decline and restore muscle power to the levels you had decades earlier.

To read more go to “Consumer Reports Insights:  To thrive longer, get stronger “-


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