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“Belly Dance” A Form of Expression Ends Up Being Much More …Testimony By Angela C. Taylor

01 April 2010no comments Interviews/Testimonies

There are persons and experiences during our time on earth that are forgettable – then, there are those that will stay with us for a lifetime.  One such person goes by the name of Christine Olfus (I affectionately call her Christina), and the experience is belly dance.

For the past four months, I’ve enjoyed Christine’s belly dancing classes on a regular basis.  In addition to it being a true art form, belly dancing is also a great stress reliever.

The class starts with what I call the “chill out” session.  My stress just seems to slowly disappear, and I begin to transition into my “after work” mood, moving side-to-side to the slow rhythmic sounds which fill my ears, head, heart and soul.  My hips and chest move, swaying back and forth to the sounds originating from the Middle East, Mediterranean, Africa and other parts of the world that I have only read about.  In essence, it is a spiritual awakening of my entire being.

The health benefits from this form of dance are enormous; it works the heart, stabilizes blood pressure and positively impacts Body Mass Index numbers.  Participation in this dance form just makes one feel good from the inside out.

Christina is a great teacher.  She is very patient, calm and a great motivator, who gives us an “I can do attitude.”  The adult learner (persons 40 years and older) needs special attention because they learn differently from young adults.  She has the intuitive ability to know just what approach to use on each student.  It is very apparent that Christina loves what she does and does it well.

Finally, as women, we have so many responsibilities from the family to the community; so it’s nice to be able to do something for ourselves that is fulfilling and belongs just to us.  Moreover a sisterhood is created with all of our kindred spirits which develops a bond and trust among us.  Isn’t that unique and beautiful?   Even though this starts out to be something we do just for ourselves as a form of expression, ultimately our family benefits from it – a happy woman/wife/mother makes for a happier home.  As women, we end up giving even when something starts out to be “just for us.”  I guess that was in the Creator’s plan.

YES, Christina, you are one of those folks who will be remembered!



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