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Confessions from “Triple Delight” Water Aerobics and Hair, Regina Jeter

02 April 2010no comments Health

Linda Grymes

“Straight Hair, Natural Hair, Long Hair, Short Hair, Store Bought Hair – “What should I do with my hair?”

That’s the question most women ask when they are thinking about joining a water aerobics class and one of the biggest reason why most choose not to join.

LADIES, it’s 2010; braids, weaves, hair pieces, wigs, texturizers, locs and  natural styles…there are so many alternatives…hair should not be a deterrent.   There are also various forms of head coverings: swim caps, shower caps, bandanas, head bands and scarves.   Some people wear nothing on their heads and seem to manage not getting their hair wet at all.  Now that’s amazing!

Would you rather have great looking hair everyday while risking the chance of developing low energy levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, chronic disease or loss of balance and coordination?  Try to remember you are not in class to make a fashion statement, but instead to keep your mind and body physically and emotionally fit.

Personally, I have tried it all – perms, jeri curls, weaves, short cuts and , texturizers.  I went natural in 1996 and decided to loc my hair in 1999.  As a land and water exercise instructor, locs were the best thing for me! Choose to find a hair style that works for you.  Exercising, in or out of water, will help you   live a life of quality and longevity.


Erica E. Wilson

“Aquatic Fitness and My Hair”

Before I developed a passion for aquatic fitness, I taught step and high-low aerobic classes consistently for 10 years and loved it!  To stay fit and motivated, I maintained annual goals.  One year, my goal was to run in the Army Ten Miler.   I began training with two marathons runners, 3 to 5 miles twice a week. One day my knee started hurting.  I found out the cartilage surrounding my left knee was deteriorating.  I explained to my doctor that I was a group exercise instructor and HAD to continue jumping up and down.  He said, “Have you considered participating in aquatic fitness classes?”  My first thought was, “What about my hair?”  He shared all the benefits of taking aquatic fitness classes.  My choices were: complain about my knee, take over-the-counter prescribed medications OR attend aqua classes.  The first time I participated,  I couldn’t believe how much fun I had and what a challenge.  The question still remained, “What about my hair?”

My hair was relaxed at the time, and my pony tail worked.  Over a period of time, I wanted to change my look.  I thought, what else can I do with my hair?  Giving up aquatic fitness was not an option; my knee was pain free without  medications, and I had developed a slightly sculpted look in comparison to previous years.

Braids were fashionable, so I began wearing them in rows, individuals, half braids or half curls.  Changing the color, size of the curls, and the texture of my hair helped create various looks and styles.  It was exciting to discover how quickly I could change my look.  Since going totally natural, I have found all types of wonderful hair care products for minimum maintenance.  When I want to transition back to a relaxed curly look, I wear wigs that are natural looking, quick and easy.

Never let your hair be a deterrent for omitting exercising—in or out of  the water.  It is essential to our overall health.  There are so many things we as African-American women can do with our hair:   braid, curl, press, color, crimp, flat iron, weave, roll, wrap, double twist, flat twist, wave, relax, French braid it, and so much more.  We have alternatives!  Find a style that’s right for you.  Look at it this way, you’ll never have a BAD HAIR DAY!


 Jeannie Brown Johnson

“Women of Color – Taking the Plunge”

Do you have to keep up your “corporate image” and spend WAY too much money on your hair to get it wet?   Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Schedule hair appointments after your aqua classes.
  • Do a low impact class that focuses more on strengthening and toning to reduce the “splash factor.”
  • Try mind-body classes like ‘Ai-Chi’, ‘YoQua’, or ‘Poolates’.

Currently, I sport two strand twists in my natural hair. I place a scarf and a silicone swim cap over my hair to help keep the chlorine out. Besides perspiration, this combination works for me, even if I’m having a high impact “splash fest” of a class.   I have  approximately 5 to 6 styles that look awesome when  “suiting up” for my 9 to 5.

You have just heard from “Triple Delight” Aqua Instructors.  Take heed, and don’t be afraid to take the SPLASH!  What do you have to lose…pounds and inches?

Contact “Triple Delight” Aquatics, LLC, at 240-472-1710, or



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