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“Beat The Heat With Cool Outdoor Activities”, Jackie Simmons

09 July 2010no comments Fitness

When it’s hot and sticky outside there, are several ways to still get physical exercise.  But before going outdoors, apply sunscreens with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 and drink plenty of water.

There are several water games that can be played right in your own backyard with family, friends and neighbors.  These games only require a few things that may already be in the house such as balloons, sponges, cups and buckets.  Should there be no balloons, not a problem because you can substitute them with zip lock bags which are easier to fill with water than balloons.

 Water Balloon Games

Dodge Ball – Played with water balloons instead of balls.

Balloon Toss – Two people are facing each other about two steps apart.  The balloon is tossed to each other.  If the balloon drops or breaks you’re counted out.  If balloon is caught, take one step apart from each other and toss again.

Wet Potato – Played like hot potato. Pass it like it hot.  It’s bound to burst very quickly.

Sponge Games

Wet Sponge Tag – Played like tag only with a wet sponge to tag the opponent out.

 Hoop Toss – Player holds a hula hoop over their head while the other players throw a wet sponge through the hoop to score points against the other team. Team with most points wins.

Bucket Games

 Bucket Relay – Place empty buckets about 25 steps away from each team.  At the starting line each team have buckets of water. The object of the game is to transfer the water from the starting line and fill the buckets at the finish line as quickly as possible by using a small cup.  The team that fills their buckets first is the winner.

Car/Dog Wash – Get out a bucket or tub to wash the car or dog.  It will make the job nice and cool.

Sprinkler Games

Volley Ball – Using lawn sprinkler under the net. You get to cool off as you toss the ball over the net.

Obstacle Course – Set up an obstacle course using whatever is handy to create obstacles. Just run through the sprinklers.

What a refreshing way to keep cool when it is hot outside. Don’t feel like staying home? Pack your bags and go to the pool. Swimming or just moving around in the pool is an excellent way to get a good workout.   Or take a trip to a shady park.  A walk on a trail is great exercise especially  with exercise stations along the path.

Whatever you decide to do, there are ways to beat the heat with some cool outdoor activities.  You just got to be willing to get soaked in the process.


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