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Music Can Move You, Regina Jeter

09 July 2010no comments Fitness

It’s been stated that music can calm the savage beast. But in this case, we want to include music in the walking regime.

Depending on the tempo and beat, music can do many things:

  • Motivates to move faster
  • Helps coordinate rhythmatic movement (arms & legs coordination)
  • Keeps breathing in sync with your movement
  • Maintains a constant pace
  • Gives incentive to keep moving

It is said, starting the day exercising, will burn calories all day long. Now who doesn’t want to burn calories all day long?  Personally, I have a hard time rising in the morning to exercise. So, I press to get up, put on my workout clothes, and place my headsets on.  When the music starts pumping, in a matter of minutes, I’m on my way, ready to exercise. The music keeps me going.  The faster the music (120-140 BPM beats per  minute) the faster I go.  Before I know it, 45 minutes to 1 hour have gone by. Music will wake you up and pump you up.

Praise music and physical movement can go hand in hand. Praise and worship music, first thing in the morning, reminds me to give God glory.  Where can you get this type of music?  Check with your local

Christian book store. If they do not have it, ask them to order. Or make your own music.  There’s nothing better than listening to songs that give God honor since, after all, He is the one who created us.

TIP:   When walking try incorporating 1/2-2 lb. barbells to  strengthen and tone the body.  Place weights in hands and move arms back and forth; up and down; bicep/triceps curls; or arm circles-forward and backward. If you do not have barbells, 2 bottles of water will do and frozen water is better. When you get stronger,  increase the bottle size. Should your arms get tired, sit the weights down and keep walking, then pick them up again to finish the regime.

Remember, you are “Born To Move” and Music can help.



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