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Want To Boost Your Brain?, Regina Jeter

09 July 2010no comments Health

Do you feel that as you age, you feel like you’re losing your mind?  Like the thought that just flew out of your mind, the keys you just had in your hand, you went to visit your co-worker to tell them something or the joke you forgot the punch line to.  Sometimes these situations are not always something to laugh about.

Our brain starts to shrink as we age and it outer surface thins.  White matter, which helps brain cells communicate, also decreases, and the brain generates fewer neurotransmitter.

Just as we need to keep our bodies in shape, keeping our brain stimulated can help it stay sharp.   This is how:

  •  Get Enough Sleep – It helps increase alertness, concentration and memory, while allowing the brain to process new skills and solve problems.
  • Play Mind Games – This shows that cognitive training can improve memory, concentration and problem-solving skills, such as crossword or jigsaw puzzles,  learning a new language or even dance lessons.
  • Get More Exercise – Both aerobics and weight training.  Work up a sweat.  This will get brain essential such as blood, nutrients and oxygen get to where they are most needed.
  • Socialize – Studies have shown that people with strong relationships stay healthier.  Join a club or take a class, volunteer or get together with a friend on a regular basis.
  • Stress Zapper – Prolonged exposure to stress hormones can damage brain cells.  Try relaxation remedies such as deep breathing or meditating.

Yes, our lifestyle between work, family and other activities, to include not enough rest and stress and too busy to exercise are all factors in memory loss.  Try to include the above  suggestions and you will see a better brain for you and you’ll feel better too!

For more information goggle “boost your brain power.”





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