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“Being a Mature Dancer” (Liturgical Dance), Angela McLean

01 October 2010no comments Interviews/Testimonies

    Has age prevented you from doing what you have a passion to do?   BTM noticed a “mature woman” dancing with grace and stamina, with ladies her junior, and wanted to know how she was able to do it.

Angela McLean, 47 years of age, made a decision to live out her passion for…Dancing.

Here is Angela’s story.

I always enjoyed dancing.  After receiving salvation, I joined my church’s dance ministry to publicly show my love for the Lord through the movement of my body.   This ministry is perfect because my daughter can participate with me (we both like to dance.)

With this ministry, there is no formal dance training (I have none) or specific body type/physical condition requirements. But I learned, it’s important to keep up your momentum to complete high energy or multi-dance selections; therefore, the more physically fit you are the better your endurance will be when dancing.

While observing other dancers, I began to second guess my decision in joining the ministry.  I felt intimidated by those 20 and 30 year old members.  This type of dance required hard work in learning how to properly utilize the body.  At my age, ministering intense choreography moves and with an entire group, was not accomplished over night.

God prepared my body in advance to serve Him; the more I practiced and pushed myself, the better I became.  I was surprised to see how much I could do through my commitment and dedication to God and with a good support system within the ministry.  The support system included a choreographer who composes pieces that everyone (regardless of age) can minister together as a group.  There is also a fitness coordinator who assists the members with breathing techniques, warming and stretching exercises,  (emphasizes on stretching the ball of the foot which enables the core muscles to keep balance.)  All these techniques help in preventing injuries.

If you have the desire to join a liturgical dance ministry, please do not deny yourself the  opportunity to do so.   Don’t allow the enemy to whisper negative thoughts about your age, size, creed or color, preventing you from being used by God to help save souls through the movement of dance.

Joy of Motions, Washington, DC and Bethesda, Maryland; Divine Dance Institute, Capital Heights, Maryland and Marcellus Dance Studio, Capital Heights, Maryland are just a few studios in the Washington metropolitan area should you desire  formal training, sharpen your techniques, or just have the burning desire to dance.

Thanks Angela for ushering us into the presence of the Lord!




















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