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Fresh vs. Frozen Fruits and Vegetables: Which are More Nutritious?

01 October 2010no comments Foods

According to Joy’s Daily Plum, August 2010, fresh produce from the local supermarket or health-food store is usually days old.  That’s because it spends a lot of time in transit after it is harvested.  Also as produce is transferred from one place to another, the potency of the vital nutrients like vitamin C and foliate is depleted.  Adding light and temperature fluctuations, impact them further.  Frozen fruit and vegetables, on the other hand, are processed within hours of being picked, and once frozen, the majority of nutrients are locked in.

The downside of the freezing process is that it alters the flavor and texture of many fruits and vegetables.  Experimenting with recipes and cooking methods will help achieve the taste and consistency you like.  One other thing—frozen foods are also healthy for your budget.


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