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Grandmother’s Love, Regina Jeter

10 October 2010no comments Interviews/Testimonies

Someone said, “There’s nothing like a grandmother’s love.”   Born To Move wanted to know what our readers think – Is there a difference in the love you have for your children as opposed to that of your grandchildren?”


    Shirlene Roberts

I have been blessed with two granddaughters.   As much as we love our children…I must say that  there is a big difference in a grandparent’s love.  It feels like a stronger love and is only the kind of love shared with grandchildren. I remember how much my grandparents loved me. They really thought I was special.  My grandmother used to tell me I was an angel sent from God.  They corrected me but they always saw the best in me and my potential.  They really were my own personal pep club.  When you have grandchildren, then you too will experience one of the greatest loves in the world,  grandparent’s love.


     Mary Bryant

Yes, it is different.   Most grandmothers usually have a “closer” relationship with Jesus Christ by the time the grandchildren show up. Thus, we talk more “openly” to our grandchildren about Jesus’ love.   Usually, grandmothers are not as “rushed” with their jobs as parents, so they spend a great deal of quality time with their grandchildren.  Thus, the love develops into a great friendship as well as a grandmother.   Most grandmothers recognize the “mistakes” they made with their own children and they try very hard NOT to make the same mistakes with their grandchildren.   Most importantly, grandmothers are usually very grateful that God has allowed them to live long enough to “see” their grandchildren.   Grandmothers play a great part in sharing family history with their grandchildren


    Marilyn “Platinum” Franklin

No. The love isn’t different, just the circumstances.  When raising my child, my focus was on providing, guiding and disciplining, especially as a single-parent. Parents have pressure on them that grandparents (GP) don’t.  As GP we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.


Jackie Simmons

No, there is no difference in the love.  I love them just as though they are my own children.  What I do find is that I allow them to do much more than I allowed my own children to do, but I don’t call that a different type of love—just different rearing techniques.  It is probably because I can send them home which may make it hard for the parents.


Janet Shaw

God truly blessed Mothers of this world to become Grandmothers. The unconditional love we have for our grandchildren is a love that is limitless. We can spend time with deep conversations that cover truths as we know it. Our grandchildren carry our blood of strength, courage, knowledge and caring, that they one day can share with their children and grandchildren. We play and see each other all the time. My life is filled with the blessing of a gift that I can share in these words, “I thank God for my grandchildren each and every day and for His choosing me to be their grandmother.”


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