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Working Out-In – “Body Poses”, Regina Jeter

10 October 2010no comments Working Out-In

Some medical professionals say that body poses can target your health (Shape Magazine, August 2008).  The following exercises should be performed at least five times a week.  Try them to see if they work!  Leave us a comment or contact us at about whether these exercises really work.

     Menstrual Cramps

This position eases contractions, and the slow deep breathing reduces irritability.)

Sit on your knees.  Rest back on your heels and slowly lower your upper body forward to the ground until your chest is resting on your thighs.  Let your arms rest loosely at your sides, palms up.  Gently place forehead on the floor. If you can’t go that far down, go as far as you can. Relax your muscles, breathing deeply in and out.  Hold for a few minutes.


Lie on your back, legs extended out and together, place hands (palms down) under the gluteus maximus.  As you inhale, lift your head slightly back (keeping head on floor), press elbows into the ground and arch your back.  Breathing deeply, hold the position for one minute.

     Digestive Troubles

(This position elongates the colon, promoting normal, healthy intestinal contractions.)

Sit on floor with legs extended.  Bend your right leg and place the sole of foot against the inner left thigh.  Reach toward the ceiling, then slowly stretch forward to grasp the toes of your left foot with the first two fingers of each hand (or reach as far as you can.)  Lower head.  Breathing deeply, hold for one minute.  Slowly return to starting position.  Repeat with right leg.

Reminder –  Consult your physician or Health Care Professional before beginning any physical exercise activity.







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