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Fight Into Fitness, Angel McNamara

01 January 2011no comments Fitness

    Fight Into Fitness offers different types of boxing fitness training which can burn 800+ calories in 1 hour.  This type of  fitness training helps improve overall health through losing weight, gaining strength, defining muscles, building endurance, and gaining mental focus.  Besides the fitness aspect of boxing, you actually get to relieve emotional and everyday stress through punching and hitting a target!

Another attribute about boxing fitness training is that you are always learning.  This aspect makes it very difficult to get bored.  Fight Into Fitness boxing training changes the routine each session to keep the mind and body challenged while “boxing your way into shape!”  Long story short, it keeps you focused and on a fast pace to meeting your goals.

For some people, one of the most important benefits of boxing fitness is getting into fight shape.  Boxing training teaches one to engage, breathe, and to remain calm and in control during an accelerated heart rate.

Boxing training also gives you strength to fight back, the stamina to endure to the end and self-confidence.

This training is not age, weight, or gender specific.  Most clients are women ranging from 25 to 60 years of age and are empowered through knowing what they are capable of and how strong they can become.

Fight Into Fitness has Group Cardio Boxing Fitness Classes at Vital Fitness Gym (9000 East Hampton Dr., Capitol Heights, Maryland 20743) every Saturday morning at 10 a.m.

For more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Angel McNamara, Boxing Fitness Consultant/Personal Trainer





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