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Interview with Rhonda Dews Murrill

01 January 2011no comments Interviews/Testimonies

    Rhonda Dews Murrill has been with “Born To Move”(BTM) since its inception. She has been a writer, an advisor and the associate editor.  Rhonda has a keen eye for details.  She proofs articles from a reader’s perspective, as well as from a fitness standpoint.  While being the unsung hero in the background, she is very instrumental in making sure we publish a quality product. I greatly appreciate Rhonda, and today I want to give her thanks as well as give our readers an opportunity to meet such a special  person.

 What is the one thing you want someone to remember about you?

My desire is to be remembered as a person who has helped to make others’ lives richer and more meaningful.  This involves serving and meeting the needs of others.  It’s priceless to hear when I’ve helped someone’s dreams come true, and  their life is better or faith has grown stronger because of something I’ve said or done.

 You’re very active in the fitness arena.  Tell us about your involvement.

Some call me the “Fitness Lady,” especially as the leader of my church’s fitness ministry.  Fitness is a way of life for me.  Assisting others has always been so much fun that becoming a certified instructor was a no brainer.

One of my goals is to help others realize the importance of taking care of their body, mind, and spirit.  There’s a direct correlation between fitness/health and quality of life.  As a result, I talk about it wherever to whomever.

You have a lot of energy when teaching or participating in a class.  Where do you get your energy? 

I get really pumped up from great music and feeding off the energy of others. My workout regimen (averaging 4-5 days/week) includes cardio, (Zumba, swimming, kickboxing, and belly dancing), strength training,  and  stretching (Pilates).  My routine changes to keep it interesting.  I’m also energized when my last meal is consumed at a minimum of 2 hours before exercising.

As a fitness instructor, what is the most common mistake(s) we need to be cognizant of when exercising?

Poor body form (locking knees, misalignment of the spine) and improper breathing (holding breath, not exhaling upon exertion) tend to be the most common mistakes.   These techniques can potentially lead to injuries and/or not allow persons to maximize their routines.

I’ve noticed you are always cool as a cucumber. Does anything ruffle your feathers?

Absolutely, to name a few, loud smacking chewers, and mean spirited or ungrateful people can be very annoying.  However, when thinking, “In the grand scheme of life and death…,” more things become insignificant.  It’s about choices.  I make a conscience effort everyday and throughout the day to give thanks, find the bright side, and give my heavy burdens to God.  It works.

As being a “mature woman” speaking to other mature women, what would you like to convey to them for encouragement?

Please know that it’s NEVER too late to discover your purpose or your passion.  You are still here for a reason, and with your unique gifts, talents, and experiences, there is something that only you can fulfill.  Pray, ask for discernment, and your answers will be revealed.  In the meantime, just be grateful and enjoy the journey!

Last question.  As Associate Editor of “Born To Move” (BTM) Magazine, what do you like about it?  Watch it now!

I have truly enjoyed being a part of BTM’s evolution.  It has grown immensely from its humble beginnings but yet still maintains the creator’s vision to educate, inform, and encourage.  BTM is great because we can all learn something with every edition.  Lastly, I also admire Regina’s faith and tenacity for dedicating her time, energy, and money to pursue one of her dreams.

 Thanks Rhonda for your time and transparency with our readers!


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