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Low Carbohydrate Dessert-Pot Pie Pan, Patricia Isacc

01 January 2011no comments Foods

Pot Pie Pan

2oz. Bag of  plain pork rinds (zero carbs)

Large zip lock bag

6oz. whipped cream cheese

Small carton egg beaters

Fresh or frozen strawberries

Place the pork rinds in the zip lock bag and crush the rinds until flat (crumbs) ? Put pork rind crumbs into a mixing bowl and add egg beaters until mixture is smooth ?  Spray pot pie pan with non-stick oil and place mixture into pan ?  Put in oven until brown ? Let cool ? Add whipped cream cheese ? Place strawberries on top.

(Strawberries served alone with a sprinkle of Splenda no calorie  sweetener also makes a wonderful dessert.)


This dessert is provided by Patricia Isaac, a loyal reader of “Born To Move” Magazine


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