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The “Green Power Smoothie” Comments, Brandi Redo

01 January 2011no comments Foods

“Born To Move” Magazine featured the “Green Power Smoothie” recipe in the October 2010 edition. This cleansing drink provides the nutrients and some of the trace minerals that your body is craving. Several people tried this wonderful smoothie, and here are several comments:

Gemma Clarke

“I really enjoy it.  The smoothie gives me more energy and decreases my appetite.  Sometimes I make changes to the recipe and add freshly squeezed orange juice, carrots, cucumbers, celery or parsley.  I find if it’s weight loss you are looking for, use more vegetables than fruit because of the sugar in fruits.  I have introduced the smoothie to approximately 7 people, and they, like myself, are now committed to drinking it daily.”

Chevelle Jackson

“Since many of us eat with our eyes, the green power smoothie did not appear very appetizing at all.  As a matter of fact, my first reaction was I turned my nose up just because of the color which was a deep kale green. The smoothie did not smell bad; it just looked unappetizing. I must admit, I was hooked at the first sip and I now look forward to the power drink every morning and I do recommend this drink to everyone.”

Edna Owens

“I am delighted with the smoothie and the way it makes me feel. As a member of the Over Fifty Club, one appreciates the extra energy and the boost it gives the GI system. I was not sure of the initial taste test, but it only took a day to acquire an appetite for that cool, robust flavor.”


Contributed by Brandi Redo, Owner of “Life With Spice” For more informationvisit

Thanks Brandi!


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