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A Pinch of Tecnology, Christine Olfus

01 April 2011no comments A Pinch of Technology

“Does technology intimidate you?”  Computers, smartphones, audio systems and even cable television can appear intimidating.  Since technology is meant to improve and make life easier, learning basic functions should be also.  Mustering up the courage to learn is the only thing needed and before you know it, you have leaped into the world of technology!  Let’s talk about a device that virtually everyone has…a cell phone!

  •  Jitterbug, Verizon’s Coupe and Emporia Life are user-friendly cell phones specifically designed for seniors.  The large and well-lit buttons make it an excellent choice.  Additional features include text messaging, cameras, and GPS systems.  Then there are phones that are referred to as “smartphones”.
  • Smartphones are cell phones that offer many features including: text, email, Internet access, and one can also download very savvy applications (Apps).  These “Apps” allow one to check the price of merchandise, obtain nutrition, health and fitness information, as well as track miles walked, caloric intake, BMI index, sugar count and much more,  all from the smartphone.
  •  The iPhone and Motorola’s Droid are two popular smartphones.  Smartphones tend to cost more and “Apps” range from FREE to 99 cents and up. Apple, the maker of the iPhone, offers free workshops on its products. Take advantage of any “FREE” training.

With dozens of styles to choose from, keep in mind your personal needs, taste, desires and budget.   After making a selection, relax, learn and have fun mastering your device.

To overcome any intimidation you may feel during the “learning curve,” take these small steps:

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the device.

Step 2:  Read the Manual’s Basic Instructions first; then focus on the additional features.

Step 3:  Make your “Contact List” which is your electronic telephone book.

Step 4:  Retrieve a name from your “Contact List.”

Step 5:  Press the “Call Send” button or the name of the person from the “Contact List.”

Step 6:  Enjoy Your Progress!!

Next Edition:  Personalize your voice message on your phone, and learn more about “Apps”!

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