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When Your Fitness Routine Reaches a Plateau, Romona Wiltshire

01 July 2011no comments Fitness

    Wow! – This used to be fun…

I used to see results when I exercised but now I’m just going through the motions, and my body isn’t changing.  Does this sound familiar?

Example: The Walker

Have you been walking for several years, five days a week, consistently for an hour or more? You may get your heart rate up, even perspire (which can be deceiving.) However, your body has gotten used to the same routine, but you continue to do the same thing and end up at a dead-end, a.k.a., ‘The Plateau’.

This can be very frustrating; you think you’re doing the right thing but achieving no results. It’s time to get results by doing the same activity but taking it up a notch.

Step One – Start with the basics but try increasing your speed while decreasing the time. For example, if you typically do a mile in 30 minutes, increase your speed which will decrease the time it takes to do one mile. Start monitoring and journaling your time (stopwatches are useful).

Step Two – The next way to break the monotony is to incorporate interval walking. This consists of periods of jogging and walking. For instance, try jogging for 5 to 10 minutes then walking for 5 to 10 minutes. This really increases your heart rate which increases your metabolism, and in turn, burns more calories.

Step Three – Try resistance training which includes using a pair of wrist weights, ankle weights or both simultaneously. This helps to rev up the metabolism because you’re now burning twice the calories in less time.  Be sure to walk at a comfortable pace while using weights.

Note:  Be cautious when using ankle weights and/or wrist weights while jogging; this can cause joint injuries.

Step Four – If you want to maximize your fitness goals, cross training is a great way to challenge your body! This includes doing different exercises throughout the week. For example, running on Monday, bicycling on Tuesday, jumping jacks on Wednesday, step aerobics on Thursday, etc., really challenges your body, gives you more bang for your buck and provides more results for your efforts.

These are just a few very simple steps that you can take to shatter the plateau effect in your fitness routine. Sometimes, simple things can have a dynamic impact.

Have questions? – Give me a call at (301) 602 – 5844.

Maybe I can help you break the monotony.

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