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Why Women Think They Are Fat?

09 August 2011no comments Health

The brain thinks the body is two thirds bigger than it is.  Even the slimmest women have stood in front of the mirror and asked, “Does this dress make me look fat?”  But according to a new study scientists have discovered that the body image a person projects in their own brain is distorted and can be up to two thirds wider than it is in reality.  The brain’s own “body model: is also around a third shorter than the body actually is, according to a study at  University College London.

Researchers also believe the findings could explain why slim women look in the mirror and see themselves fat.  This may also explain the cause of some eating disorders.  The effects could be more pronounced in women as they tend to be more sensitive to the appearance of particular parts of their bodies.

So don’t think only the larger women have weight issues.  For more information  go to




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