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“Born To Move” Magazine, January 2010

09 September 2011no comments Fitness

This edition is the launching of “Born To Move” as a magazine.  This was my five-year plan.  Planning is so very important.  “Write the vision and make it plain….” Habakkuk 2:2. Well, I wrote the vision but didn’t go back and read what the vision’s steps to achieve the plan.  Therefore, I missed some steps.  I’m not beating myself up, but if I had reviewed the vision on a regular basis, I probably would have done things somewhat differently.  In order to keep the vision fresh, it should be reviewed often.

Our theme is “Planning.”  Our writers speak on; personal mission statements, starting a fun new exercise, exercises that can be implemented during daily chores, learning body requirements, and time waits for no one.  Planning gives direction, purpose and achievement in life. Please take some time to think and write your goals for this year and if you get really industrious, beyond 2010.  Remember to review them often to stay on track.

Be Encouraged!

Regina M. Jeter



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