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“Born To Move” Magazine, April 2011

09 September 2011no comments magazine

Born to Move Magazine: April, 2011 Issue











Six years!  Yes “Born To Move” is going into our sixth year and looking forward to many more.  The vision is still clear….helping mature women begin or stay fit in order to have the quality of life to remain wise, stay healthy and be mobile without assistance.  This is the real challenge for the “mature woman,”  we want to eat all those delicious fattening foods placed before us, and we don’t want to hear that we can’t or shouldn’t.  We don’t want to exercise but yet want to have flat tummies and everything to be intact the way it was in our earlier years. Unfortunately, we can’t have it both ways; changes must be made.  Well that’s why BTM was created – to pull from each other’s strengths and obtain information for the mind, body and spirit, as well as a lot of encouragement.

In this edition, we talk about our brain, specifically the memory – are you forgetful?  Do you think it’s just because you’re getting older?  Think again!  What about our legs?  Sometimes the weight carried  does put a strain on both the legs and feet.  Speaking of feet, how should we take care of our feet?  They do a lot of work….just think about it….you know what I mean.  Do you know who was considered the “Godfather” of  exercise?  Maybe it was a little before your time, but it’s all inside this edition.  How about a vacation?  We speak about a vacation for you and your family, but not your money. Technology, it’s not going away, so we might as well get with the program.  We are going to start off with some technology tidbits in the next several editions and work our way up to the advanced  techie stuff  because we will not be left behind.

It’s really been our pleasure serving the “mature women,” and we will continue doing the best we can to help make lifestyle changes for all.

God Bless,

Regina M. Jeter


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