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“Born To Move” Magazine, July 2011

09 September 2011no comments magazine

Born to Move Magazine: July, 2011 Issue

“Born To Move” Magazine, BTM, will continue to bring the best articles possible to: encourage, stir-up, stimulate and inform the “mature woman”.   Growing old doesn’t have to mean poor health and being dependent on others.  You can have a strong mind, body and soul.  Our writers have given a lot of thought and research in preparing articles that hopefully speak life to you.  For example:

Do you have thoughts of re-entering the job market or do you need to find another job?   Included is invaluable information that will help you feel confident in your search.  Exercise always helps in just about every situation.  Finding the right exercise is very important, especially one you won’t mind doing for the rest of your life.  “Water aerobics” is always a good choice…check out some folks who would agree.   Also…

Did you know that exercise is not a seasonal sport?  Working out, especially in the summer, is a challenge.  In this segment of “Working Out-In”, we have gathered some effective exercises that can be accomplished indoors.  For those who still want to take their exercise routine outdoors, pay close attention to the “Hot Weather Exercise Tips”.  Have you reached a Plateau in your exercise routine?  We have tips from a personal trainer that can help you break through.

BTM’s feature interview is with Jewell Webb who has entered into a whole lot of shaking, with controlled body movements of course….Zumba!   Healthy eating is always a concern.  Check out the “Plank-Grilled Salmon” recipe.  Need some herbs?   Try “Building Your Own Herb Garden.”  Have you ever heard of “Liver Spots”?   We all know we should eat fruit but did you know there are certain times when they should be eaten?

We here at “Born To Move” Magazine really want to keep you moving by sharing lifestyle changes with you.  And, in return, we ask you to share changes you’ve made in your life.   Please contact us:

God Bless,

 Regina M. Jeter






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