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Beauty Bits, Monica Biscoe

12 October 2011no comments Health

“Beauty Bits”


Beauty is ageless! Whether you get up in the morning and do a complete facial overhaul or you choose to grab a little lipstick & be done with it, we all have our “tried and true” beauty regimens. We all have our “go to items”, but these days you may want to spice it up a little. That spice can come from a little thing I swear by and that’s LASHES!! That’s right..eyelashes!! Now, don’t fret and turn your lips up, they are simple and easy to apply. Even the eyelash novice can do this with no assistance from a paid professional. My personal choice is to visit a salon and get individual lashes applied; however, the same exact look can be achieved at home with eyelash strips. Lashes, along with lash adhesive can be purchased from your local drugstore or beauty supply store (Ardell is my brand of choice).  Apply the lashes, along your natural lash line, and TA-DA…instant beauty enhancer. It’s just that simple!! So, don’t shy away from what you’ve never tried. You’ll love me!!

Monica Biscoe

Beauty & Fashion Consultant


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