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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…., Lane Cobbs-Combs

12 October 2011no comments Health

Who’s the fairest of them all?  Many of us are familiar with that rhyme from the fairy tale of “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs”, when the evil queen looks in the mirror only to discover that Snow White is still more youthful looking than she.

We are all sometimes guilty of that.   We look in the mirror, and see what we don’t have or wish was different about ourselves.  But, what if we looked in the mirror and instead of seeing stuff we don’t like (cellulite, crows’ feet, gray hair, “flaggy” arms –  you know what I’m talking about) and tell ourselves how great we are.  Aren’t we great partners and mothers?  Aren’t we faithful friends and confidantes?  Aren’t we compassionate, loving, capable, intelligent, dependable and dare I say, “fabulous”?  After all, is who we are as women in any way limited by how we look?   Certainly not!  But is our  effectiveness in life affected by how we feel about ourselves ?  Absolutely!

The truth is that our internal conversation gives us the context for our lives, predicts the outcomes for our futures, and shapes our view of success and our level of satisfaction.  Ultimately,  what we say to ourselves shapes the lens through which we view our lives, our circumstances, and the people around us.

Instead of tearing ourselves down every time we look in the mirror, what if we make it our business to give ourselves a verbal facelift?

What if our conversations not only give us a more positive attitude, but strengthen our character, spiritual freedom, and the power of full self-expression?  What if the next time we ask “Who’s the fairest?”, we all say, “I AM”?

[ “Mirror, Mirror on the wall….Part 2” – Creating and maintaining an empowering context for living an inspired life, in January 2012 Edition]


 Lane Cobb-Combs is a life coach and sole proprietor of “Straight Talk Life and Wellness Coaching” –  In addition to being a personal coach, she offers group coaching, workshops, and teleseminars.  She  can be reached at – (443) 756-8391.



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