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What About Those “Elbows”, Euraine Brooks

12 October 2011no comments Health

I pride myself on improving me.  I use the best moisturizers and exfoliants on my face to mask those wrinkles and multiple fine lines on my forehead from showing my real age.  I spend buckets of money trying to keep my feet smooth and oiled up to eliminate crusty cracked heels, and adding color to my toe nails to impress anyone looking.  I even buy designer push-up bras to shape those gravity strickened boobs.

And to my surprise one morning, I was striking a pose in the mirror in a black camisole – checking out my backside in my new figure- firming slacks with my hands on my hips and wooow!!!! I noticed the back of my arms.  What the heck are those caviar spots on my elbows?

Well, it is called outright blatant neglect.   I don’t ever remember spending any time nurturing or pampering my elbows. This lack of care does not go unnoticed for long and manifests in the form of

leathery dark elbow skin.  I refuse to be ashamed to expose these dark areas by avoiding sleeveless clothes, so I set out to learn what causes these dark spots and find affordable treatments to help.

 What causes dark elbows?

  •  Improper hygiene and lack of personal care.
  •  Due to the skin overlap, elbows attract more dirt and grime.
  •  Constantly subjected to friction, especially with clothes you wear, leads to darkening of the area and dry patches.
  •  Elbows have fewer oil glands than other parts of the body, resulting in dryness. Dryness makes it easier for the skin to get darker.
  •  Dark spots on elbows can be one among the many signs of aging.


Basic Elbow Treatment and Tips

  •  Pay daily attention to your elbows as you would your face and hands.
  •  Exfoliate elbows once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells, dirt, and grime and release new skin cells.
  •  Moisturize your elbows regularly with shea butter or olive oil.  Olive oil is a great alternative to body cream for hydrating your dry skin.
  •  Lighten dark spots with mix of coconut oil and lemon juice and apply.  While coconut oil acts as a moisturizer, lemon juice lightens the pigmented skin.
  •    Always use a sunscreen when going out and drink lots of water.

Just for you technical minds, the term for elbow skin is “olecranan skin.” To sum up, the most import lesson I learned — rarely is it about a serious medical condition.

Avoid hypochondriac behavior when treating your elbows; it will worsen the situation. For example, regular scrubbing does not mean that you scrub daily and cause skin irritation, and please do not apply chlorine bleach to those dark spots.

Always be gentle with your elbows, even when you scrub them. For once, treatment may be as simple as using home remedies. Then, if there is no relief, consider a visit to a dermatologist.





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