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“Quick Fix or Lifestyle Change” Jackie Simmons, Aerobic Instructor

01 November 2011no comments Fitness, Health

In this fast paced world, we want things quick and in a hurry. The same rule applies to how we feel about losing weight.  We hear advertisements claiming their products will help us shed 40-50 pounds or more.  But what they don’t say is how the product only works with a healthy diet and exercise.

Did you know that Americans spend billions of dollars a year on weight loss drugs, diet pills, juices, teas and sometimes even surgery to shed those extra pounds?  This may work, but many times only temporary.  The problem with fast weight loss, is it’s not a long term solution in keeping the weight off.  Many of these products or techniques are a “quick fix.”

So why do we spend so much money on products that won’t last a lifetime?  Is it because we want to look a certain way NOW without putting any work into it?  Well, that was one of the answers from many people when I asked the question, including myself.  I’ve tried all kinds of teas and cleansing pills – especially the ones that indicated getting rid of belly fat.  After a month’s time, I didn’t see any results, less alone a wash board stomach.  Like many of you, I felt that I just wasted my money.  Finally, when I changed my eating habits and started an exercise program, I began seeing results.  Wow, this was great! I was on my way to a healthier lifestyle with weight loss.

Did you know that a 30 minute walk at least 3-4 times a week along with some strength training can contribute towards permanent weight loss?  Mix up your exercise routine to minimize boredom.  Try new activities such as: swimming, dancing, aerobics, zumba or salsa.  There’s something out there, just look around.

A lifestyle change means making healthy food choices and not feeling guilty about eating something not so healthy every now and then.  Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. You’ll only feel hungrier and have a tendency to overeat at the next meal.  Eating in moderation is very important. When eating, feast on proteins first, such as: meats, eggs, dairy, seeds and nuts.  It is said that protein helps suppress hunger therefore less food consumption.  Eat fruits and vegetables with each meal.  The fiber is more filling without a lot of calories.  Don’t forget to drink plenty of water.  A glass or two before a meal will also curb your appetite, reducing food intake.

Sometimes we are not hungry for food but we eat to fill a void in our lives. Try getting nourishment on some spiritual food.  Fill up on reading God’s Word and applying His principles in your life.   That’s most satisfying!

Most importantly – Don’t give up! Major lifestyle changes do take time and determination. You will achieve your goals.  Stick with it!  It’ll STICK with you for the rest of your life. And you’ll be glad you did!

So what are you looking for – “A Quick Fix” or “A Lifestyle Change?”


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