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“Beauty Bits” Makeup, More or Less?, Monica Biscoe

27 January 2012no comments Health

One of the best lessons I learned growing up is “less is more,” and that is evidently true when it comes to makeup. I am in my late thirties and over time, my own self evolution has embraced this concept of “less is more”. Mature women may feel that 3 coats of mascara, coupled with ruby red lips, and topped off with an abundance of facial bronzer is a bit too much. And guess what? YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Just because you’re not as young as you used to be shouldn’t make you run from makeup and its abilities to enhance what’s already there. Just try not to over-do it, nor do you have to forego it – however  find a happy medium. Sometimes all you may need is a playful color on your lips to make you feel sexy, or a light dash of eye shadow to make those beautiful brown eyes pop. And, my personal favorite…BRONZER…can give you the glow of the tropics even in the dead of winter.

So, the next time you’re browsing around your local drugstore, don’t bypass the makeup aisle. Makeup is your friend, there to enhance what God has already blessed you with. If you’re beautiful INSIDE, then trust me, a little “paint” will only brighten the OUTSIDE!!

Monica Biscoe

Beauty & Fashion Consultant


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