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A Pinch of Technology, The New iPAD-Should I Get It? Rudy Duke, Nextium Solutions

16 April 2012no comments A Pinch of Technology, Finances




The New iPad—Should I Get It?  (It’s the third generation)


The new iPad just came out.  Everybody expected it to be called the iPad3, instead Apple is calling it the “New iPad” and it’s resolutionary.

Major Features:

1.     The display screen is brighter, crisper and sharper than High-Definition (HD), so photos and colors are more vibrant.  Everything from the web to movies and eBooks looks sharper than they do on the iPad2.

2.    It is very fast. When using the 4G LTE super-duper data networks, you can download content, stream videos, and browse the web much faster than any tablet could before.

3.    The new 5 megapixel camera records high quality videos and takes incredibly sharp images, which may eliminate the need for a separate still or video camera.

4.    The new iPad  gives access to applications (apps) that are added or updated in order to take advantage of the first three features mentioned above. I am personally impressed with the capabilities of a $5 iPhoto app that enables a lot of Photoshop level photo enhancements – literally at your fingertips.

Can you tell I’m drooling?

OK, you ask, but “should I buy one”?  Assuming you can afford $800 or so, the major factors should be:

1.     Do you have a good laptop?  If not, don’t buy the New iPad until you have replaced your laptop. Don’t even read the hype, it will drive you to make a bad decision. Stop reading this article! Now, if you are happy with your laptop, continue reading…

2.    If you own an iPad2  and are happy with its capabilities, don’t buy the new iPad. You should stop reading this article, lest you feel the need to divorce your perfectly capable iPad2. If this does not apply to you, read on…

3.     If you honestly made it this far, ding, ding, ding… congratulations! You may now order your brand new iPad today! Truth be told, my laptop is not the greatest… but it can wait.

4.    One more thing to consider – the iPad2 is now on sale for $100 less. I don’t believe it is enough of a discount.  Perhaps a $200 discount would do the trick.

The New iPad comes in three versions: 16GB ($630), 16GB ($730), and 64GB ($830)

Oh, one last thing… It comes in black and white. I wish it came in gun metal charcoal! Boys usually buy black and girls buy white. But you can buck the trend – not that there is anything wrong with that… wait for it…

Read the hype for yourself at

What’s your opinion?  Please leave a comment at



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