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Linda Grymes, Group and Personal Fitness Instructor Business Owner (LG Total Fitness, LLC)

16 April 2012no comments Fitness, Health, Interviews/Testimonies

Linda was featured in BTM’s April 2010 edition, “Confessions from Triple Delight,” speaking about water aerobics and hair.  She is 59 years young and has been a fitness instructor for over 20 years.  “LG Total Fitness, LLC” is a dream come true and she’s loving every minute.  Once again, here is another person who started participating in an aerobics class, decided to become a fitness instructor, then an entrepreneur.  Here’s Linda!

Q.   How did you start teaching aerobics?

I participated in an aerobics class at  church.  At that time, I was weighing 210 pounds.  People saw me working out and asked if I would lead the class.

Q.   What classes do you teach now?

My land classes include:  body pump, weight lifting, hi/low aerobics, kickboxing, body sculpt, zumba and weighted hula hoops.  My aqua classes include:  hydro-spin, aerobics, body sculpt, kickboxing and step.  Almost any land class can be done in water.  The difference is the properties you are working in.  On land the property is gravity and in water it’s buoyancy.

Q.   What age group do you teach?

I’ve taught all ages from teens to 85, although  I have been a fitness director for seniors for the last 10 years.  I prefer seniors because of the rewards I get. They are focused, dedicated and a fun  brunch to work with.  My life has been enriched so much since I’ve

started working with them.  Everyday is new and exciting to them; I never know what they’ll say or do at any given moment, which keeps me alert and on my toes.

Q. Tell us a little about “LG Total Fitness, LLC”. 

LG Total Fitness, LLC is a group exercise and aquatic fitness health business that creates a personalized environment for people to pursue their fitness goals.  We have one of the best aquatic and land training programs in the area.  LG Total Fitness focuses on the urban professional who has a very active life with little time to spend on fitness; obese clients who are looking for a fitness environment that is tailored to their unique needs; and baby boomers who are seeking ways to stay fit post retirement.

My goal has always been to have my own business or be an independent contractor.  I love fitness, thus came, LG Total Fitness which provides land and aqua classes, healthy eating, lifestyle changes and weight-loss programs and workshops in various facilities, homes, private/government and community institutions.  I’m Certified as a group exercise instructor with American Fitness and Aerobics Association (AFAA), American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA).

Q.  Now tell us about “Triple Delight Aquatics”.  How did you guys get that name?

Triple Delight Aquatics (TDA) includes Erica Wilson, Jeannie Johnson and me who are presenters and educators in the aquatic arena,  We were at an Aquatic Exercise Association Conference where not many African-Americans participate.  The organization took our picture, and we landed in their magazine.  Upon receiving and browsing through the magazine, I came across our photo and just happened to say, “Look at that triple delight.”  It stuck with us.

TDA is an international, multi-talented powerhouse team of dedicated female fitness instructors with over 30 years experience leading various fitness formats.  They’re also continued education providers for AEA and AFAA.

Q.   Do you have time to work out and how?

I really don’t have a lot of time to work out, so I get up early in the morning and exercise for about 10 minutes to sometimes 1½ hours daily.  I like to work out with kettlebells using a 45-minute DVD.  Kettlebells challenge my body in the cardio and strength training arena all in one.  It allows me to  reach my peak heart rate faster.  After doing that I’m really pumped for the day.  Now that’s not all I do, but that is my favorite.

Q.   Is there anything else you like to do?

Yes, I’m really an undercover gourmet chef.  I love to cook.  I’m still health conscious so I make substitutions by using low-fat ingredients. My diet consists of 80% fruits and vegetables and I eat in moderation.  Being a gourmet chef or event planning would be my second career.  I also do gift baskets and love shopping in the thrift stores; they’re very therapeutic.

Q.   Any words of wisdom you like to impart to the readers?

Live in the moment and be content in where you are or who you are and work from there.  There is always room for improvement but don’t compare yourself to others or try to be like someone else.  Get healthy to lose weight not lose weight to get healthy.  Enjoy life! 









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