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Never Diet or Starve Yourself Again, Vanessa Ballard

10 July 2012no comments Fitness, Foods, Health

Trying to lose weight can be frustrating when one does not have professional support to help figure out what to do and how to do it.  You did,   the “Name It and I Have It” syndrome;  becoming a member of a gym only to find that getting there to take advantage of all the wonderful equipment was a challenge; home equipment purchasing only to find that your clothes were using it more than you; investing in a personal trainer was not affordable long enough to reach your goals; and going on weight loss programs were temporary fixes.  The question was still, “How do I lose weight, never diet or starve myself again, and still achieve desired results?”

Good news!  There is a solution that will free you from frustration, diets, and quick fix weight loss programs/dietary supplements.  The success is not in losing weight but to determine exactly how to make choices in regards to the right nutrition and best exercise programs in achieving your personal goals.  Properly managing stress is also crucial.  These solutions will empower you to achieve results and maintain long-term success.  Yet, it is important  sometimes to have proper guidance and support of trained professionals. It is also important to understand that losing weight is a result achieved by one who is ready to embrace it mentally and  determined to commit to live a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a word of encouragement:  success is failure turned inside out.  If you have not reached your desired goal of losing weight, it is not that you have failed but you have learned what did not work.  To turn it around and find success, you need only to find the right professional support:  certified professionals who have a track record of aiding the success of their clients; the right environment:  motivating, resourceful, and non-judgmental; and a support group: surrounding you with like minded individuals.

You do have the power to reach your goals of being fit, healthy, energized, peaceful, and confident. So, let go of the frustration, stop trying to lose weight and commit to “Never Diet or Starve Yourself Again.”

Be Healthy,

Vanessa Ballard, M.A.

Fitness and Nutrition Coach



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