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A Pinch of Technology – A New “Outlook” on Life, Rudy Duke

18 October 2012no comments A Pinch of Technology

Lots of email addresses

These days, most people have multiple email addresses:

  • Work <>
  • Home <>
  • Group>
  • Volunteer/Ministry <>

Some may even have a special email <> to make controversial comments on certain blogs that you don’t want to get back to you.

 Spam, spam and more spam

Lots of email addresses are bad enough, but avoiding spam is a whole new problem in itself. While free web emails like Gmail come with excellent spam filters, domain based emails (< >) often  enable a frustratingly large amount of spam in your inbox.

Password spaghetti

Lots of email addresses mean lots of passwords to remember. Setting strong passwords mean they must be hard to guess but easy to remember. It is also never a good idea to use the same passwords for multiple accounts – emails and otherwise.

 What’s a person to do?

Use Microsoft Outlook to manage all your emails. The current version Outlook 2010 [ ] comes with Microsoft Office Home and Business, Microsoft Office Professional or as a stand-alone product.

Outlook allows you to set up a separate email account (and folder) for each of your email addresses. Entering your login and strong password only once into outlook allows you to access your emails automatically when launching Outlook. Outlook has excellent spam filters that run on every email received. It actually quarantines some suspected spam emails into a separate folder. You can review that folder from time to time to see if any of them are legitimate. When marking them as “not spam,” Outlook remembers to accept future emails from that sender.

One of the biggest features of Outlook is not even related to emails – it’s the calendar. Outlook also stores all your contacts in one central database,  allowing you can access for all your email accounts.

 Email Conversations

Email messages in your Microsoft Outlook 2010 Inbox and other mail folders can be organized by date and arranged by conversations. This feature is similar to that of Gmail. When Conversations is turned on, messages that share the same subject appear as Conversations that can be viewed expanded or collapsed. You can quickly review and act on messages or complete Conversations.

Outlook has a host of features that go well beyond the scope of this post. The first step is to purchase and install Outlook and set up all your email accounts and contacts. Afterwards, explore the possibilities that help you save a good deal of time in your busy life. That’s more time to get moving!



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