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Be Healthy and Fit This Holiday, Vanessa Ballard

18 October 2012no comments Foods, Health

We love the holiday season.  The lights and Christmas trees, gift giving, sharing time with family and friends, and the increase of delicious food choices that seem to overwhelm us or make us feel compelled to indulge only to worry about it later.  We all know and hear the same mantra: take a healthy dish to a holiday party; eat before you go to party or drink water; remember that alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks are full of calories, so be mindful not to drink all you calories; don’t skip meals and/or save the biggest meal for the holiday gathering, and so on.  The truth is we fail to plan.

To participate in this upcoming holiday season free of guilt, self sabotage, and the end of the year blues from all the weight gain, check out “Vanessa’s Healthy Holiday Tips” (yeah, it is still on the basis of “Never Dieting or Starving Yourself Again”, BTM July 2012 article).

 Vanessa’s Healthy Pre-Holiday Tips

1.  Design a pre-holiday plan.  The time to manage your weight or shed body fat is now.  Take action by deciding to make healthier nutrition choices and just MOVE.  Incorporate a fitness program and implement a healthy eating plan.

2.  Plan a pre-holiday healthy cooking party with family and friends.    There are so many healthy food recipes available on the internet and television.  My favorite is from the show called “Building Bodies”.

3.  Create a pre-holiday affirmation.  Start today with an affirmations like, “I will exercise control,” “I am committed to being healthy,” “Every day I am healthy, happy, and peaceful”, etc.

 4.  Establish a pre-holiday support system.  Talk to an expert who can help you get started or jump start your decision to improve your health and manage your weight (i.e. lose weight or maintain a healthy weight).  Share your goals with family and friends.

Anthony Robins said, “Talk about it and it’s a dream.  Envision it and it becomes exciting.  Plan it and it becomes possible.  But, you must schedule these things to make them real. “

Be Healthy,

Vanessa Ballard, M.A.

Fitness and Nutrition Coach

 Contact Vanessa Ballard for a FREE initial consultation, on how to “Get Started” and a “Jump Start” Challenge at 410-361-0682.  Office located in Lanham, Maryland.

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