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Cycling of the Yo-Yo: A Weighty Matter, Zenobia D. Bailey

04 January 2013no comments Foods, Health


Many of us have fond memories of fun with at least one yo-yo.  This wonder on a string would go up and down… up and down!  It was great to watch.  The giggles, evoked, were great to hear!  Not so, however with the yo-yo cycle, referencing the losing and regaining of the weight lost, often with additional poundage.

Not only does this syndrome become discouraging, it can lead to the ultimate attitude of resignation.  Today’s statistics place obesity and its related health risks such as breast and colon cancer, coronary, gall bladder, and heart disease, as well as Type II diabetes at an all time epidemic.  In fact, 60 million American adults, 20 years and older; and 9 million children and teens, 6 – 19 are overweight or obese.  Other nations who used to have low incidences of obesity and its plagues, are right behind us, duplicating our templates.

As we see from the chart, most diets throw us into a famine response which ignites lower metabolism and simultaneously increases our fat storage.  Voila!  We begin to regain our weight, essentially fat, while losing muscle.  The yo-yo syndrome is reignited!

The best way to experience deliverance from weight cycling or yo-yo dieting, is to gain and maintain balance.  Eating less, while not eating too little, incorporating regular (daily) exercise, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep, together trigger a great start!  The test of endurance, for the long run, includes a support system and the metabolic means (increase) to lose body fat without losing one’s valuable muscle.

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