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04 January 2013no comments Foods, Health

1.  Bigger Isn’t Always Better.  Use smaller plates, bowls, cups and spoons.  This allows for smaller portions.

2.  Veggies First.  When putting food on your plate, put the veggies on first.  This way there’s more room on the plate for them and less room on the plate for starch and meat.

3.  Leave the Sugar Behind.  If you must have something to drink with your meal, make it water.  Soda (including diet soda), juices, flavored coffees and teas can add an additional 300 calories to your meal because of the amount of sugar they contain.

4.  Have a Seat.  Don’t stand around and munch.  Fix your plate, sit down and eat.

5.  Be Still.  After waiting for 10 minutes you may find that you’ve had a sufficient amount.  Converse or relax and savor your meal.

6.  The First Can Be Last.  When looking for a light dinner, try breakfast items.  One slice of whole grain toast, a scrambled egg and a bowl of oatmeal is less than 500 calories.

7. Unpack Your Snack.  Never eat chips or fattening snacks straight out of the bag.  This does not allow for portion control.  Pour a serving size in a sandwich bag or napkin and put the bag away.  Out of sight out of mind. Another tip – Buy smaller bags of snacks.

8.  Brush Your Teeth.  After eating, brush your teeth right away.  This tells your brain that you are through, as well as helps with dental care.

9.  Use Your Imagination.  Imagine yourself a dress or pant size smaller.

10.  Turn the Channel.  Advertisers spend millions of dollars researching how to make their commercials for food appeal to our psyche and senses.   They actually employ food stylists who combine culinary art and science to “dressing up” or “styling” food so that it is displayed in the most appetizing way.  Stylists know that looks are more important than taste.  For instance, if you’re looking at a burger  commercial,  someone has picked through thousands of buns, patties and lettuce leaves to find the most photogenic example of each.  The burger is cooked only 20 seconds on each side to keep it from shrinking, sesame seeds are glued in perfect patterns on the bun, cardboard is placed between a food color painted burger and the bun so that it stands up high when the lettuce, tomato and pickles are placed on top, all held together with a stick pin in perfectly placed areas on the burger.  Pizza commercials use blow torches for ultimate cheese melting and browning.  Hours are spent selecting the tallest fries, and these fries are placed on toothpicks and put in a styrofoam box so they appear tall and uniform.  Shortening mixed with sugar simulates ice cream.  When a food commercial appears on television, resist the temptation and turn the channel.


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