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26 April 2013no comments Uncategorized

Many people consider themselves “techies” because they own many of the latest gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets. What separates a true techie from pretenders is whether technology is used primarily as tools or toys.

A tool makes your life more productive, while a mere toy is something you enjoy doing. It is not enough to own the gadget; the gadget simplify your life.  To illustrate my point, review the spectrum of uses for a smartphone that range from toys to tools.

  Play Make calls, text
  Entertainment Play games, listen to music
  Infotainment Browse the web, shop, check prices
Tool Information Search web, social media, basic apps
  Learning Conduct research, Learning apps
  Personal digital assistant Manage calendar/finances/health
  Work/Productivity Do business online/accept credit cards

Unless you can afford it, consider your gadget’s usage when purchasing.:

  •  If all you just want to do is make calls, then don’t shell out $500 for a smartphone.
  • If you don’t have a good laptop, then you shouldn’t buy a tablet.

What are some of the ways you use your gadgets as a tool? Please share your experiences so we can compile them for the next article.





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