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What is it about Water ? by Zenobia Bailey, Certified Senior Fitness Instructor

20 July 2013no comments Fitness, Foods, Health

        Some love it!  Others hate it!  Yet, it is certain that none of us can do without what I fondly refer to as Aqua Ade.  We must all consume adequate amounts of water.  This is relevant not only for one seeking to sculpt a new body and wellness, but as an everyday practice.  And, when there are extenuating circumstances such as high temperatures, exercise, or extra sun exposure, we need extra amounts.

Dehydration, resulting from insufficient fluid (water) intake, should be a concern of every one as it can easily cause fatigue, dizziness and confusion, including mental fogginess.  If you feel any of these symptoms at anytime, but most certainly while exercising or gardening,  you should begin to drink at least a liter of water immediately, then follow up with more.

The importance of water in our daily regimen should not be overlooked and cannot be overstated!  After all, our bodies are made up of two-thirds water.  This means that our marvelous machines are mostly water!  In fact, 90% of our brains consist of water.  Seventy-five percent of our body’s muscle consists of water, while 83% makes up our blood and 22% is dedicated to our bones.

The vital question becomes how much water is enough?   Answers are varied.  However, as a good barometer, start with no less than eight ounce glasses of purified or distilled water, starting with a large glass (warm or room temperature upon rising).  If you filter your water, make sure that you are using an effective filtering system.  If you’d like my recommendation, send me an e-mail:

Recently, I came across a great tool that helps give insight regarding suggested daily water intake, based on one’s individual activity.  It can be found at:

Let’s drink up!    It’s for the good and proper function of our bodies and all of their systems.   Don’t forget to add strawberries, or slices of lemons, limes, or oranges for variety and fun!





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