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Let’s Do It Together, By Reggie Thornton

14 October 2013no comments Fitness

Teamwork is one of the best ways to accomplish any goal.  People who exercise in groups or have training partners tend to be consistent with exercise.  There are many advantages of group or partner training.  Here are three to focus on: Encouragement, Accountability, and Camaraderie.

Encouragement is very important when beginning an exercise program.  The results take time and it is easy to think that no change is taking place.  Muscle soreness can be discouraging and provide the perfect excuse for skipping the workout.  The encouragement from a group or a training partner can aid in overcoming these obstacles.

The Accountability advantage helps to keep the group as well as each individual focused and consistent.  When you feel like quitting during exercise, the group will make you push yourself.  Try not going to a session; someone is there pressing you to come.  Being consistent is the key to keeping up with a group and maintaining progress.

Camaraderie is probably the best benefit of group or partner training.  Knowing that you are not alone can make the process of physical fitness easier.  Group or partner camaraderie can help each person face the challenges that come with getting and staying in shape.  Sometimes it’s good to have someone you can lean on.

The common denominator to these advantages is that they have a mental focus.  Achieving and maintaining fitness and wellness is 60% mental and 40% physical.  What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.   Add faith to it and do it.



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