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Seven Things You Want To Wear Exercising By Jackie Simmons

14 October 2013no comments Fitness, Health

1.    Tee Shirt (preferably cotton) 

Cotton is a breathable material that keeps the body drier and reduces the risk of over heating.  This increases endurance during workout.

2.    Sports Bra

Ouch…you can hurt yourself without one.  A good bra is a must.  Choose a sports bra labeled “For Intense Activities”. Whether or not you workout at an intense pace, any up and down movement can draw some discomfort without one.  A bra labeled “Double Dry” will help keep you dry and allows NO BOUNCE when jumping.  Sports bras are usually made of Lycra and/or Spandex and generally run true to size.  For a better fit, purchase a bra by cup size (a,b,c) instead of large, medium or small.  The bra should be snug but not too tight.

3.    Lightweight Pants or Shorts

Bermuda shorts or spandex pants are good choices.  Short shorts are not preferable as they can rub the inner thighs, and besides, we should be mindful not to reveal too much.

4.    Cotton undergarments

Allow air to circulate and keep you dry.

5.  Sweatshirt and Pants

These provide another layer of clothing to prevent chills after a workout.

6. Socks

Purchase thick absorbent socks which allow your feet to stay comfortable and may eliminate the chance of athletic foot fungus.

7. Shoes

It’s essential to wear the proper shoe.  There is a shoe for almost any activity.  For example,  when selecting shoes for aerobics, make sure they have good insoles for arch support.  For weak ankles or full-figured women, a high top shoe is good for ankle support. The outsole (bottom of the shoe) helps with traction.  A shoe with less tread should be used on low pile carpet floors so that your feet don’t catch and drag when twisting and turning.  Shoes with more tread work better on wood or linoleum floors.  The feet should feel comfortable.  If shoes are worn three to five times per week, they  should be replaced at least once a year.  To get maximum use of shoes, only wear them while exercising.   Before purchasing your shoes, walk, jump, or run around the store.  Do not buy shoes solely for their looks.

These are basic workout gear.  As you continue your exercise regimen, think of investing in other items that will help to reach your fitness goals, i.e., weight gloves, sweatbands, etc.  Remember to think protection, support, safety and comfortability.  While we may like to look good let your body be your guide and not your eye.




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