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Beauty Bits – Brow Shaping by Monica Briscoe, Fashion/Style Consultant

09 January 2014no comments fashion, Health

eyebrow2     As a fashion & style consultant, I can attest to the fact that one of the first things that will capture anyone’s attention is YOUR FACE. And, with that being said, since the eyes are the window to the soul, let’s just say that the eyebrows ought to be a well groomed “window treatment.”

Properly shaped eyebrows brighten your eyes, and is also one of the most subtle ways to highlight your face. Whether you opt to tweeze, wax or thread your brows, you must FIRST make the choice as to what is the proper arch for your face shape. Too thin, too thick or no brows are challenges some women face when trying to arch their own eyebrows instead of seeking the assistance of a professional.  Bad brows can overshadow a set of fantastic features, not to mention take weeks to grow out. For as little as $8-$10, a professional can change the way you look at brows AND how you look at your face.

However, if you choose to do-it-yourself at home, here are a few tips:

 Tip #1  Gather Your Tools

A brow pencil to fill in sparse areas, an eyebrow brush, slanted-tip metal tweezers and grooming scissors

Tip #2  Map Out Brows

To find your natural brow shape, hold the brush against the side of your nose so its tip rests on your forehead. Your brows should begin where the edge of the bristles lands. Next, align the brush with the outside edge of your iris. Where the brush meets your brow is your arch. Finally, hold the brush diagonally from your nostril to the outer corner of your eye and up to your brow. The point where the brush intersects with the brow is where the brow should end.

Tip #3  Trim Hairs

Using the brow brush, sweep brows up toward your forehead. With grooming scissors, snip strands of hair longer than your natural browline.

 Tip #4   Tweeze

Pluck one row of hair on the bottom of brows, going from nose to arch to temple. Always pluck in the direction of hair growth to prevent ingrown hairs. Don’t pluck hair above brows that can alter your natural shape. Using a brow pencil, fill in color within the brows in direction of hair growth (NEVER use black liner, it does  NOT look natural. No one has black brows. Opt for a various shades of brown to compliment your skin tone)

 Tip #5   If All Else Fails,Take the Easy Way Out and Get the Trusty Eye Brow Arch Kit

These awesome little kits have everything inside to create the perfect brow: eyebrow stencils, liner pencils, and brow powder. Sally Hensen, Sephora, BareMinerals, and Sonia Kushuk make great kits, and they can be found at Walmart, Target or your local beauty supply store.





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