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How to Set Up Your Website To Connect With Social Media by Rudy Duke

09 January 2014no comments A Pinch of Technology


Social media can be an excellent tool for business or non-profit organizations. How can your business or non-profit website enable you to take advantage of social media? I’m glad you asked.

I will share with you some examples of how my clients have used social media on their websites to complement their business solutions. These solutions go far beyond simply linking to your Facebook or Twitter page. Social media is the best way to engage your customers and stakeholders.


A Twist of Twitter

Twitter is my favorite social media tool because it is simple, succinct, and super easy to deploy. Twitter is often called a micro-blogging tool because you have to make your point in 140 characters or less. That’s perfect for the web, which is far too bloated with voluminous content. Always include an easy “Follow” button with your twitter feed, so your customers can keep up with your business. Here are a few ways that you can use Twitter to meet business needs:


Post updates on your home page. A local Boys & Girls club can post practice cancellations due to bad weather, or performer can alert followers of a change in venue for a performance.

News feed

Twitter works as a poor man’s news feed on your website. A blogger can call her follower’s attention to a recent article. A minister can post words of wisdom on his website via his Twitter feed.

Connecting to your website

Your Twitter feeds can be connected to your website in a variety of ways. Twitter offers several “widgets” that control how your tweets are displayed, the number of tweets to display, the information about the tweets you want to display, and whether you display a “follow” button and/or your Twitter name.

Most of my websites are built on the WordPress platform. My favorite Twitter widget is Rotating Tweets [ ] . This widget is a real space-saver, instead of showing all your tweets at once, it shows one at a time and then smoothly replaces it with the next one. After showing a number of tweets that you specify, it loops back to the beginning again.

See rotating tweets in action at


You too can YouTube

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. When my clients need to showcase a blog, instructions,  events, etc., on our website, I encourage them to post videos using YouTube or Vimeo. I usually recommend setting up a YouTube Channel where they can post all their videos in one place. You still retain the option of embedding videos that play right on your site. It is relatively simple to copy the embed code from YouTube and paste it on your site. Also customize the colors and branding of your YouTube Channel to match your website.

Apply finishing touch with Face book

Facebook is the granddaddy of social media – particularly with the younger crowd. Who doesn’t have a Facebook account these days? Whereas Twitter should be embedded in your website, Facebook is best linked to from your site. Facebook supplements your website by providing details, photographs, testimonials, and videos to showcase your business.


One of my clients, conducts training courses around the world. They make good use of their Facebook page [ ] by providing snap shots and video testimonials.


For more information contact Rudy Duke at



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