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Go Take a Hike, Part 2 by Betty Winfield

15 April 2014no comments Fitness, Health

hikerI wrote an article for “Born to Move” Magazine entitled, “Go Take a Hike”, January 2013. While walking on the beach, January 2014, I was inspired to write a sequel to this. You see, I recently relocated to the beautiful port city of Wilmington, North Carolina to enjoy a warmer climate in the winter and I have not been disappointed.  It can get pretty cool after the sun sets, but the days are bright and sunny which makes for a perfect walk on the beach.    So, “Go Take a Hike! “

What to Wear: The days can often be breezy, so dress in layers.  A wind-breaker on top of a light sweater or jacket will often be enough.  Wear comfortable shoes and a hat and sunglasses.  Don’t forget the sunscreen….yes, even in the winter.

What to Bring:   A backpack is quite useful.  You can place your cell phone, small bottles of water, a copy of your identification, car keys and a small amount of money in it.

What exercises can you get out of it?  Walking along 30 minutes to 1 hour on the shoreline, depending on the pace, would approximately be three miles.  Walking in smooth and shallow sand is easy on the legs, the deeper the sand the greater  leg work. Walking backwards in the sand is another option.  You may even want to jog.  Jumping into the water will stimulate and invigorate your circulatory system, but don’t stay in the water too long!  When taking your hike, try not to do the same thing every time….mix it up!

Safety and Precautions:  There are no trail markers (as there are in parks) so be very mindful to identify objects, things or landmarks, such as, a distinct building, or a pier that will help you to return to your place of origination.

So, take a hike….invite a buddy.  As you walk, other people are out walking also.  They are friendly, and you may acquire new friends and everyone is out there for the same purpose—to enjoy a beautiful day.


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