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GOT WATER! By Marilyn Dunston

11 July 2014no comments Fitness, Health

glass waterWe all know that WATER is essential for the human body to function properly.  It is vital to our overall health and well-being.  But do we know why it’s so essential?  Grab a tall glass of it and take a look at why:

  •  The body cannot store water and, therefore, must be refreshed with it every day in order for it to perform its metabolic process properly.  Most mature adults lose about 2.5 to 3 liters of water per day.
  •  Helps us feel and look better.
  •  Forms the foundation of blood, digestive juices, urine and perspiration.
  • Maintains the health and integrity of our body cells.
  • Keeps the bloodstream liquid flow through blood vessels.
  • Helps eliminate toxins and waste to keep the bladder clear of bacteria.
  • Lubricates and cushions our joints.
  •  Provides moisture to the skin so that it maintains its texture and appearance.
  • Lowers the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections.
  • Prevents dehydration.
  •  Reduces fluid retention.

 Here are some tips to help you go for the water:

  •  Add a squeeze of lemon juice, mint leaves or fresh fruit to plain water     to add variety.
  •  Keep a bottle of water handy on your desk, in your car or in your bag.
  •  Add ice cubes with bits of fruit in them to a glass of water.
  •  Have a glass at transitional points of the day, i.e., when you first get up in the morning, just before leaving home, when you arrive at your destination, going to lunch, returning from lunch and just before you leave to return home.
  • Have a glass every hour on the hour until your work day is done.
  •  Drink another glass after each trip to the restroom.
  •  Fill up a large glass with ice cubes and snack on them like candy.
  •  Put reminders on your phone or calendar to drink at regular intervals.
  •  Add sparkling water with zero calories.
  •  Buy an inspirational tumbler (“I am more than a conqueror”) that you’re inspired to drink from.
  • Replace your coffee or tea with a cup of hot water and a drop of honey.
  •  Drink through a straw, and you’ll take bigger gulps and drink more.

Make your body happy—DRINK MORE WATER!


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