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11 July 2014no comments Fitness, Health

towel exercise

Use of Towel    

  • Oblique (side muscles) – Stand up straight with feet shoulder width apart with end of towel in each hand.  Raise arms above head.  Open arms as wide as possible until the towel is tightly stretched.  Bend to the side as far as you can.  Feel the stretch.  Hold for 10 seconds.  Repeat on the opposite side. Repeat 10 times.
  •  Shoulders, Arms, Abdominals – Stand up straight with feet shoulder width apart, knees bent slightly, abdominals tight.  Grab end of towel into each hand stretching the towel tightly.  Bend over slowly until the towel is out in front of you parallel with your knees.  Keep back straight.  Slowly raise your body into a standing position with towel parallel to your waist – pause.  Now raise the towel up slowly over your head – pause.  Lower towel, bending body at the waist, keeping back straight  Repeat 10 times.
  •  Triceps Stretch: Hold one end of a towel in your right hand. Raise your right hand up towards the ceiling and bend your right arm at the elbow to drape the towel down your back.  Keep your right arm in this position and continue holding onto the towel.  With your left hand, reach behind your lower back and grasp the bottom end of the towel.  Climb your left hand progressively higher up the towel, which also pulls your right elbow up.  Continue until your hands touch, or as close as you can comfortably go.  Hold for 15 to 30 seconds.  Reverse positions.


 Use of Broom

You would be able to do the same exercise as listed on page 21, plus…

  •  Trapezius, triceps (Shoulder blades, back upper arm) – Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.  Hold the handle of the broom in one hand.  Bring the broom behind you and hold it in both hands behind your back.  Separate hands as much as possible without pain.  Pulse up 10 times, hold and pulse up again.  Repeat 5 sets of 10.
  •  Balance – Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.  Hold the broom in front parallel to your waist, arms stretched out in front.  Bring one knee up to meet the handle and hold for 10 seconds.  Then the other knee.  Repeat 2 times.


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