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Beauty Bits – Cheekbones

28 October 2014no comments fashion, Health, Uncategorized

pretty makeup     CHEEKBONES – The perfect bone structure seems to elude us as we age.  How does a woman contour that  perfect cheekbone?  Create the illusion by lighting and shading your face structure, but let’s keep it simple.  This look can take years off your face.  Use sculpting products such as a bronzer, blush and highlighter.  The goal is to emulate your skin’s natural tones so you can look as natural as possible.

  • First apply foundation
  • For the deepest shading color, use  a sculpting product or a matte bronzer two shades darker than your skin (nothing orange-based or shimmery).
  • Use a rosy blush, then choose a pearlized silver or gold highlighter.  Keep the textures consistent throughout.
  • Blend – Dip an angled brush in the sculpting shade, suck in your cheeks, and blend the product down the sunken line in an up-and-down motion.  Stop an inch from your mouth.
  • Using a circular motion, diffuse the blush on just the apples of your cheeks.
  • Highlight the uppermost point of your cheeks.  Place a finger below your brow bone near the outer corner of your eye and move it down until you feel your cheekbone –that’s where you apply the highlighter.  Soften it until all harsh lines have disappeared.

NOTE – Sometimes after a certain age, your cheekbones naturally hollow out.  Therefore, the focus should shift to defining your jaw.  Dust bronzer under your jaw line, and blur the edges into your neck.


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