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Feet, Feet, Feet – An Amazing and Wonderful Body Part” By G. Lou Coleman

16 August 2015no comments Fitness

feet reflexology-chart

Regardless of the size, shape or skin color, the foot structure is the same – a long base with five digits.  Look at your toes.  The big toe and little toe are actually key players in your balancing act. The big toe keeps us from tipping forward while the little toe keeps us from falling to the left or right.  Amazingly enough, our feet will always be large enough to accommodate our height and weight.

We take our feet for granted.  When our feet are planted flat on the floor, there are pumps in our feet that regulate the flow of hundreds of gallons of blood being pumped through our bodies.  Every internal organ and system are an intricate connection to the nerves, glands, heart, kidneys, colon, and sex organs.  Other body parts can be tapped into and/or manipulated by knowing where the pressure points are located (see chart below).  However, no direct pressure on the feet (lounging or sleeping) reduces the flow of blood being circulated in our bodies.   Simply put, our fuse box is located in the bottom of our feet.

Good foot care is essential to overall health.  Below are a few tips for proper foot care:

  • Take an inventory of your feet. Dark streaked lines, yellow nails or very thick toe nails may be an indication that some type of fungus exists in your body.  Check with your physician.
  • Be careful when going to the gym. Check for cuts or tears in your skin before taking a shower.  Fungus is the number one problem that most people experience when using public facilities.  Why?  Most fungi love wet, damp places.  They can live in water droplets that are on the walls or floors of  shower stalls.  Wear shower shoes and dry your feet thoroughly.
  • Wash your feet daily. Soaking them in a tub of baking soda or apple cider vinegar is excellent in absorbing odors.
  • Moisturize them every night or at least two to three times a week to combat dry skin.
  • Change your socks daily.
  • Try wearing light-weight absorbent white, cotton socks, especially if your feet sweat excessively. And at bedtime, these socks can help to keep them warm and dry.
  • Treat yourself to a monthly foot massage; it is excellent for the feet. For those persons who are unable to clean their feet properly, increase it to maybe twice a month by a certified massage therapist.
  • The design of our feet is amazing. Every house or building and its internal systems are a direct reflection of the wonderful design and operation of how God structured order, purpose, and functionality.  The feet support our entire skeletal frame including the weight we put on that frame. If you’re overweight, please tell your feet you’re going to work at taking some pressure off them.

Aching feet can cause your entire body to ache.  Take good care of them

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