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Working Out-In

16 August 2015no comments Working Out-In

chair exercises

Did you know that most exercises you do standing up, can be done sitting down?  It’s true.  For instance:

  • Marching in Place – Lift legs up and down.
  • Jumping Jacks – Lift both arms up overhead and legs out to the side synchronized together.
  • V-Step – Both legs start together, then step one leg out diagonally..then the in a “V”, then bring one leg back in place then the other.
  • Side-Step – Both legs are together, open one leg to the side..then the other, bring first leg back in place then the other in place. Both legs back together.

Step Up & Step Back – start with legs together, step one foot forward then bring the other by its side. Take the other back in and then the other

  • Abdominal Crunches – knee lift to the chest and chest down to the knee.. one at a time .
  • Butt-lifts and Tightening – use hands on each side of chair and push your buttocks up off the chair, and squeezing buttocks together and hold for 10 seconds and come back down in a sitting position.
  • Any use of strength or resistant training equipment can and should be utilized.

All these exercises should be accomplished in an armless chair, with good posture (head forward, ear over shoulder, shoulder blades together, chest up and abs tight.)

The above are just a few exercises that can be done in a chair.  For more chair exercises just go to the internet, and type in “chair exercises”.


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