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08 October 2018no comments Fitness, Health, magazine

Ladies, we agree that the mature women (over 50), or let’s say most mature women still desires to look and/or feel sexy.  I do.  I think its just part of our DNA. What is sexy? Desirable, alluring, sensual, tantalizing, sultry, tempting, seductive?  We want to turn heads as we walk down the streets, in the stores, everywhere. We want men to admire or even desire us. When that does not happen, what can we do? Change has to come.  Let’s talk!

Look in the mirror…. what do you see?  With clothes on, we got a chance, with clothes off…hmmm.  Aging and gravity have not been very nice to us. But, it’s still okay. What’s your body shape?   What’s your best assets? Is it your neckline, shoulders, arms, breast, abs, waistline, hips, thighs or legs?  Whatever that area is, you want to emphasize that when wearing clothes.  Highlight your assets.  Just remember age-appropriate clothing is imperative.  Nothing is sexy about looking foolish.  So, let’s pay close attention to apparel, that it’s not too short, low, tight etc.

Now it’s time to talk about the other parts of the body that may need help.  These next statements could be curse words to you, as they were for me, EXERCISE and yes, FOOD CONTROL.  These two things seem to be the hardest to do, especially, if you never had to or wanted to do in the past.  But ladies, the time is here.  It’s a must! We must lose or gain weight and tighten and strengthen, to achieve that sexy appearance and have confidence again.

Let’s first talk about exercise or I like to call it physical movements.  There is no doubt about it, whether you are overweight or underweight, we need to move more and build muscle, especially after menopause.    Why you say?  Well, our metabolism slows down, fat wants to hang around, skin gets thinner and sometimes drier, and the list goes on and on.  More information on this topic, one good site is

Let’s first talk about exercise…. Ladies it’s okay to want to target special areas when exercising, but a total body workout is best.  Start with a cardio workout to burn calories 3-4 times per week and strength training 2-3 times a week to build muscles. Cardio exercises not only burn calories but also strengthens your heart.  That’s important because the heart pumps blood to the entire body especially to the muscles that are being used when doing strength training. In between those cardio days, include your strength training to build muscles.  Muscles protects your bones and pushes out that stubborn fat.  More importantly, be consistent in whatever exercise program you choose to do.  I found it easier to join a group class as oppose to trying to do these exercises on your own.  You know why…. oh, I don’t feel like doing it right now, hmmhumm!

Secondly, food control. It’s really simple but hard to do.  You and I know what to do.  Stay away from the fried and sugary foods most of all.  Eat more fruits and vegetables.  But this is the second half to this food control thing…. portion control (eating smaller sizes.)  Yeah, we really haven’t always had to think about that.  And what about not eating after a certain time?  But guess what, you can eat at any time, just make sure you give your food at least 3 hours to digest before going to bed. Hmmm!  Work that out!

Well, all of this is easier said than done!  As you go along this journey; read, look at videos, go to YouTube.  You will find little tricks of the trade that can help you along the way.  This transformation will not take place right away, just be assured, if you start an exercise regime and change your eating habits, you will get your mojo back.  The inside of your body will be healthier and stronger. You will walk in confidence and see the transformation on the outside.  You will look and feel sexier than before you started this journey.  When you reach your goal, continue to develop your look and style and remember age is just a number.  DO YOU!!

God Bless and good luck!  Contact me at,, and let me know how its going!

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