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About Us

Welcome to “Born To Move”!



“Born To Move” (BTM) is a health and fitness magazine for the “mature woman” (40+).  It started as a newsletter in 2005 and in 2010 was launched as a magazine.  Regina M. Jeter is the owner, publisher/editor-in-chief.

BTM shares health and fitness topics that catapult its readers into a healthier lifestyle. In a recent survey, mature women are looking for information that is relevant to their particular needs at this time of their lives; information that will enrich, encourage and motivate them to move into action. We speak solely to the mature woman’s concerns or struggles.  Our ultimate goal is to educate, help facilitate change to foster lifestyle changes and build self-confidence which will improve their quality of life.

We also provide articles to ease the mind by making suggestions in how to handle issues and relationships that can bring peace or laughter to the soul, which will place everything in perspective.  The exercises portrayed are age appropriate and will build or enhance one’s strength without stress, strain or injury.  Food articles doesn’t mean denial, it means smaller portions and making a conscious effort about what is eaten.  What’s also important are our topics on mental health which includes: finances, stress related topics, re-branding yourself and much more.

BTM’s objective is to enlighten the mature woman on how to enter into this new lifestyle with:

  • Wisdom, knowledge and understanding;
  • Having no fear or stress;
  • Confidence and victorious; and
  • Having achievable goals through nutrition and physical movement.

Although BTM’s targeted population is the “mature woman”, younger women are reading the publication to know and prepare themselves for their upcoming fate and men are reading the magazine to understand what the mature women are thinking and going through.  “Born To Move” Magazine is for everyone.

So forget that mentality of the way you were and embrace a healthier lifestyle here and now.  You may not have that coke-bottle shape, but you will have a shape.  And to top it off, you will have joy and peace through a healthier you.


Publisher/Editor-in Chief

 Regina Jeter is a fitness instructor for 10 years plus, certified with the American Aerobics Association International/International Sports and Medicine Association and affiliated with other Washington-Metropolitan Aerobic, Pilates, Personal Trainers and Aquatics Instructors. Every training and accreditations have provided counseling, advice, guidance and directions for Ms. Jeter which through many years of experience and expertise has enhanced her ability to edit and publish such a magazine as BTM.  At the present time, Ms. Jeter is an instructor with the Prince George’s Community College’s Seasoned Adults Growing Educationally Program and with H2O Fitness Company in Maryland.  She also is involved with her church’s Fitness Ministry as well as substitute for fitness instructors at the Sports and Learning Complex in Maryland and various locations.  Being in the administrative field for over 25 years and working for executives in the business arena has qualified her skills in writing, analytical thinking, problem solving, assisting, promoting and encouraging people to reach their goals.



BTM staff consists of:  An Associate Editor, Editors, Advisors, Layout Designers, Administrative Assistant, Photographers, Writers and Contributing Writers.  These are professionals in their own rights; fitness instructors, certified photographer, doctors, financial advisors, health coaches and professional from every walk of life.

“Born To Move” magazine will keep it real with articles from writers that are living the lifestyle change.  They have personal interest in most articles, so they research their topics and dig for the truth. Our writers share their experiences and expertise with long-term goals in mind to produce inch and weight loss and body building techniques.  Another component to our goal is to include nutritional health facts that do not compromise taste, but serving size.   This may sound like a cliché, but our concept is, each one teaches one.


Business Goal

“Born To Move” Magazine’s business goal is to be the most successful and sought after magazine for the “mature woman”.  When women think of menopause or how they can change their lifestyle for the better, they will look for “Born To Move” Magazine as a reference guide.  Pass this information down to younger ladies, so they will be proactive in making lifestyle changes.  Hand our men a copy so that they may really understand their significant other’s feelings of what they are going through. This information can may a change in many women and men’s lives of all ages.  “BORN TO MOVE” MAGAZINE, A MUST READ PUBLICATION FOR ALL.